Figo du Triangle Magique
HDA, EDO, ADN, V6, ZW72, SchH3, SE mental test
About Figo by his owner & trainer Pierre Wahlström

On advice from Mr. Roger Snollaerts I bought Figo from Mr. Rudi Tax from Belgium. Figo's mother Ines vh Vortkamp was bred in Sweden to World Champion Ängsbackens Rosso. The thougt was that I was going to keep a puppy from this combination, because I really like Ines, plus I know what Rosso gives to his offspring. Unfortunatly I could not get the import papers from Sweden ready to take him to Sweden. 20 months later, like a ”gift from heaven” I got the opportunity to buy him back, this of course I could not miss out on.

My idea after competing 7 world championships in 9 years, was to take a break, to get my inspiration and motivation back, but when I met Figo, and started training him, I got the same feeling that I had with Rosso; this is a winner!!I have never regret my desition about taking on Figo as my competition dog, allthough it has cost me a lot of training with "blood, sweat and tears".

Figo has the same good qualities as his father, with the difference that Figo possesses a bit more fight drive and dominans. This led to a few trainings where Figo and I had a some heavy ”discussions”, and Figo had his very own points of vieuw. Figo has a fantastic nose for tracking, he is deep, intens and focused on all surfaces. In obedience Figo is just like his father with a natural will to cooperate and lots of working motivation. Figo's protectionwork is not something to write about, it has to be seen. His fight drive and dominans is easy to spot, and his grip is firm and strong.

Figo has done the Swedish mental test (which you have to do to be able to compete in Sweden). He passed the test with a great score. A plus for Figo is a attractive dog with a correct and healthy anatomy. My judgement after seeing offspring after Ines & Q vh Shiho, Ines & Como v Rurdamm plus other individuals after Ines och Rosso, is that the dominans and higher fight drive mainly comes from the mother line. Ines vh Vortkamp is one of the best females I have ever handeled. I have been present with every breeding, and I have seen her behaviour in all kinds of situations and environments. She has a excellent working motivation and nerve construction and is a good representative for the ideal dog in our SchH program. Ines has produced some really good working dogs, among others Elco du Triangle Magique, that is already used in the European breeding program.

I can also not forget Ines' super HD & ED statistics: from 11 X-rayed offspring 9 dogs has scored HD-A and 2 dogs has scored HD-B. All offspring has ED-0.Figo´s father Ängsbackens Rosso, does not need a introduction anymore.
Rosso´s results on the competition field are unique, competing at 4 world championships placed as number 16, 2, 1 plus number 7 with a new handler. We will see Rosso´s offspring on the competition field next year, and within a few years I am sure will see them on the podium at a international level.
Even Rosso has a good  HD / AD statistic on his offspring:

HD results of Rossos offspring:

HD grad A

HD grad B

HD grad C

HD grad D

HD grad E

38,3 %

( 31 st)

45,7 %

( 37 st)

11,1 %

( 9 st)

4,9 %

( 4 st)

- %

( 0 st)

84% free from 81 X-rayed individuals!!


artros ua (0)

artros, lindrig utbredning (1)

artros, måttlig utbredning (2)

artros, kraftig utbredning (3)

94,8 %

( 76 st)

3,8 %

( 3 st)

1,3 %

( 1 st)

1,3 %

( 1 st)

94,8% free from 81 X-rayed individuals!!

My oppinion is that the ones who use Figo in their breeding will next to a good mentality and working abilities will get healthy progency.
I hope you with this get a good idea of my new partner FIGO DU TRIANGLE MAGIQUE.

For more information don't hesitate to contact me!

Best Regards
Pierre Wahlström

mob: 0046 (0) 705-92 40 69