German Shepherds “du Triangle Magique” sports and utility dogs

German Shepherds “du Triangle Magique”,
sports and utility dogs

Welcome to the website of our breeding started in 2005 with a very clear idea of what should be a real German Shepherd, with many qualities:

intelligence, obedience, vigilance, power and good health.

Why the “Triangle Magique” ?

The Triangle represents what involves 3 elements.

Our passion for German Shepherd and for dogsports, involves in many occasions 3 inseparable elements :


1/ The 3 disciplines: Tracking, Obedience and Defense.
2/ The combination of the handler, his dog and the trainer.
3/ The alchemy which occurs between the male and the female to give us very promising pups.

What is Magic is the strong and unexplainable feeling created by our passion

les chiots du Triangle Magique

Les chiots du Triangle Magique


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